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I understand and study the story/script until it becomes part of me. I then work in the mood of the story and the world of the characters. Through intensive meetings with the DP and the PD I develop a visual and coherent narrative that enriches the story at every level. 


My visual style is intense, emotional, almost poetic. I use metaphors, and subtext through cinematography and production design. I understand the visual narrative and how much it affects the mood and use it in the benefit of the story.


I am interested in themes like disconnection from the world, fear, helplessness, loss, mental illnesses, and love.


My favorite genres are psychological thriller, horror, drama, sci-fi and comedy.


I'm also part of the FilmShop community of filmmakers in NY.

I'm one of the directors of the Sandbox workshop where we practice blocking and directing weekly.

I'm one of the screeners for the Female Voices Rock Festival.

The Filmmaking Conversations

What's the industry looking like during and after a global pandemic? What things can improve?

What will change forever?

Follow these conversations I was a part of and where I share my insight alongside other talented filmmakers.

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