Born and raised in Madrid, Spain. From a very young age, I started to write short stories, with a very poetic and emotional feeling to them. While watching movies, I realized that was the way I picture my stories, through shots. That was when I knew that I wasn't only a writer, but a director.


I wanted to bring ideas to life and to tell fascinating stories that can bear a feeling in the audience.


I studied my BA in Film, TV and Media Studies in Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. It was during my internship for a Spanish TV show distributed by Netflix ("Apaches") that I discovered that I also loved to be Assistant Director and Script Supervisor and decided to keep educating myself in film.


So after my graduation, I studied Directing for film in a Spanish film school (Instituto del Cine de Madrid). I learned blocking, directions for actors, how to support my directing skills through cinematography and production design... etc. I also trained myself as an AD and Script Supervisor. I have been working in these positions since then.


In 2017 I moved to Boston, MA to study a Master's in Directing (MFA in Cinema and Media Production) at Boston University. There I mastered in directing for actors as well as cinematography. I got the chance to shoot in 16 mm.


My thesis film Little Bird is now in the selection process for both national and international festivals.


Right now, I am based in NYC and I am freelancing as Director, Assistant Director, Script Supervisor and Production Assistant.

I recently joined the FilmShop Community as one of the Directors of The Sandbox Workshop.



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