Script Supervisor

Great experience in over 20 short films, 2 web series, a feature film and some commercials . Some works:


  • The bartender by Travis Newsad

  • The Christmas Party by Shivangi Jain

  • All Call by Brianna Ingemi

  • La Vida Que Nos Robaron by Roberto Carrasco

  • El Candidato by Nacho Atienzar

  • Yo Soy Monica (Feature).

  • Amores de Papel by Jose A. Valero.

  • Inconclusive by Nicholas Campell

  • Oh, Dalia! (Web series)

  • Extra Room (Web series) by Gabriel Stelian-Shanks


First Assistant Director

Experience in over 10 short films, web series, music videos...



Latest works:


  • Concession by Paul Odgren,

  • Her Garden by Robert Baudouin

  • Already Taken Web series,

  • The Cloud Upon Us by Carter Zhao,

  • Shell by Katrina Li,

  • Who wants to live with Barney Johnson anyway? by Sylvie Kittel,

  • The Weeds in this Garden by Grace Kim,

  • The Witches of Bushwick by Catherine Delayoye and Joe Pardevilla


Experience in different roles within the production department in several short films.



Latest works:


  • UPM for Mark by Alyssa Loh (NYU Tisch)

  • Producer for Her Garden by Robert Baudouin

  • ​​Producer for Match short film

Production Assistant

Experience in very diverse projects (corporate, TV, Netflix show, music videos, etc)


Some employers:


  • New Atlantis and Netflix

  • Atopic Studio

  • America's Test Kitchen

  • Tane Digital Video

  • Iris MediaWorks

  • Paperlyte



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