A married couple comes one final time to their late son’s apartment to pick up his last belongings.


After a chain of events and a change of heart, their grief and needs prove to be incompatible.

What Happens to a couple after losing a child?

Mainstream media has successfully presented the trauma of losing a loved one. But surprisingly few films explore the incredibly personal sorrow that can explode even genuinely loving marriages. 


We aim to explore and make visible this familiar yet unseen drama.

Wooden Surface


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The Creative Team


Nieves Garcia Perchin

Spanish director based in NYC. She wants to portray complex characters with engaging stories about mental illness, love, loss, feeling misplaced, and healing.


Kayla Rudess

Kayla Rudess has worked in production management for projects ranging from small indie films to commercials to large network television shows. 


Chase Shamlian

 Chase Shamlian is passionate about using light to showcase emotion - a commitment which extends to his work as an editor and colorist.


Rachel A. Abraham

Rachel Aileen Abraham is a NYC-based Production Designer/Art Director and writer. She believes that a character’s physical environment is often a representation of that which is left unsaid. 

Debbie Bernstein plays 'Laura'

Laura is emotional and strong because of it. 


She is able to be very empathic and understanding. She wants to accept her pain and find a way to live with it.


She really believes that objects can have a big emotional value.

Jeffrey Grover plays 'Ben'

Ben Baker always finds it hard to express his feelings. It is too painful for Ben to talk about his son or even remember him. 


He feels that in order to heal it is better for him if he tries to avoid that pain.

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